David Flores is a photographer and filmmaker 


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David's images can be found on the covers of Poets & Writers, MIX Magazine, and PLUCK. His work has been showcased at The Kentucky Center, The Verbal Arts Centre of Northern Ireland, and film festivals across the country.

In 2018, David began work on “Nueva Bronx: 21st Century Families” -- bringing free family portraiture to Railroad Park in the Bronx. This project is his response to recent nationalist movements that have attempted to remove and erase familial representations of immigrants and people of color. David believes that family, in all of its beautiful forms, stands as a cornerstone of the human experience, creating intersections between past, present and future and simultaneously weaving larger connections in the community.

David is a regular guest artist of the Digital Age Learning Institute, the Kentucky Governor's School for the Arts, and the Alice Hoffman Young Writer's Retreat at Adelphi University. He is a board member of the Harlem based i, too, arts collective and computer.can.never.kill.  Recent arts residencies include ArtBuilt, Global Writes, Louisiana Arts Works, and the DreamYard Project. David lives in Manhattan with his parter and children.